[Review] Bloom Studio's Preserved Flower Domes

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It would be a lie if I were to say that I don't like receiving flowers. These classic gifts brighten my day, any time. In fact, I generally love plants and also maintain a thriving garden "wall" at home which acts as a privacy curtain.

I was recently introduced to Bloom Studio Singapore, an online store selling preserved flowers. While my husband has moved from buying me fresh flowers to flower pots (don't laugh!) for special occasions, these domes make great alternative gifts too.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1) Real, with beautiful colours!
Preserved flowers shouldn't be confused with fake or brown dried flowers. Apart from being 100% real, they come in beautiful classic colours like pink and red, and alternative ones like blue and purple. A special preservation technique allows these blooms to maintain their freshness, suppleness, and shape.

2) Can last for years.
A key reason why I tell my husband not to buy me fresh flowers is that they only last a few days (or a week, at most) and I really dislike throwing them out. While preserved flowers may deteriorate over time, they do not wilt. A mini preserved flower pot I had from 5 years ago still looks almost as vibrant as when I just bought it - albeit for some dust which had gathered at the top (I have to admit that I am a lazy owner and haven't done anything to it at all!).

So yes, they can last for several years and are almost maintenance-free. I really like how Bloom Studio's flowers come in classy glass domes, making cleaning so easy.

Tips: My preserved flower has lasted so long because it is placed under the aircon in my bedroom. I will highly recommend that you keep yours in a cool and dry place away from sunlight!

3) Toxic-free preservation.
In case you are now thinking that these preserved flowers have undergone some harsh chemical processes, it is actually non-corrosive and toxic-free. Any colorings used are food-grade. Hence, preserved flowers do not pose any risks to our health and are definitely more eco-friendly than fresh ones.

4) Free same day delivery.
Bloom Studio offers free same day delivery, even on public holidays and the peak Valentine's Day period. Now, there is no more reason to say that you have forgotten to buy a present for the Significant Other!

Preserved flowers are classy and ideal for proclaiming everlasting affection. Mainstream florists are usually very busy and extra expensive near Valentine's Day, so Bloom Studio's flower domes make great alternative gifts.

Head over to their webpage and scroll through their collection! Mine is the Olivia Dome (S$80, U.P. $189).

This article was done in collaboration with Bloom Studio Singapore (https://bloomstudiosg.com). All opinions are mine.

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