[Recipe] Red Bean Coconut Milk Jelly

March 15, 2020 0 Comments A+ a-

This jelly is inspired by the Hong Kong version I used to eat when I was young (砵仔糕). While that is rice flour based, I chose to do mine using konnyaku powder instead.

You will notice that konnyaku/ konjac is mostly featured in my jelly recipes, and I like this root vegetable because of its health benefits - high in dietary fibre, improve bowel movement and lower cholesterol.

This is an overall easy recipe. Enjoy!

Red Bean Coconut Milk Jelly
Yield: 2 jelly cakes

150g red beans
some water (for soaking and boiling the red beans)
600g coconut water
160g sugar
10g konnyaku powder
350g coconut milk

1) Soak.
Soak red beans overnight. Use enough water to ensure that the beans are covered. The next morning, drain away the water.

Tips: The beans will expand after several hours. Soaking overnight helps to shorten the boiling time. 

2) Boil water.
Bring some (fresh) water to boil. Again, use enough water to ensure that the beans are well covered.

3) Boil red beans.
Boil the beans on high heat for 10min. Lower the heat and allow the beans to simmer slowly for another 45min. Stir occasionally in between. Drain away the water when ready.

Tips: The slow boiling at low heat will ensure that the beans are cooked on the inside too. The beans would be ready when the shell have burst opened and the beans are soft enough. Don't overboil till mushy, as we still want some texture of the beans in the jelly. :)

4) Boil ingredients.
Bring coconut water to boil. Add red beans, sugar and konnyaku powder, and continue boiling till the sugar and powder are well dissolved.

5) Add coconut milk.
Lower the heat. Add coconut milk and quickly stir until well combined.

Tips: Lowering the heat and reducing the cooking time for the coconut milk prevents it from curdling.

6) Pour.
Pour the jelly mixture into mould and allow it to set.

7) Remove jelly.
After several hours, the jelly would have solidified. Remove and enjoy!

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