[Recipe] French Toast Stick Using Airfryer

March 04, 2020 0 Comments A+ a-

French toast brings back childhood memories for me, and my favourite is the Hong Kong styled one. You know that huge sinful fried bread cube with a big slab of butter at the top with lots of maple syrup? :)

But of course with age and my preference for healthier eating, I now make my own french toast. Just airfry the french toast instead of deep frying, and replace the sugar with honey. The toast is very crispy and tastes just as good!

French Toast Stick Using Airfryer
Yield: 12 pieces


(A) Milk Dip
50g milk/ soymilk
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder
10g butter, melted

3 slices of bread

(C) Toppings - optional
Icing sugar


1) Preheat.
Preheat the airfryer at 180 degrees celcius for 5 min.

2) Combine.
Combine all ingredients in (A).

3) Slice.
Slice the bread into sticks.

4) Dip.
Submerge the bread into the milk dip. Quickly lift the bread up, as it should not be too wet.

5) Airfry.
Airfry the bread at 180 degrees for 6 min. Flip and continue for another 4 min.

6) Drizzle.
Dust with some icing sugar and drizzle some honey over the french toast. Add fruits and serve warm. Enjoy!

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