[Recipe] Coconut Fruit Jelly

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Everyone loves a nice chilled jelly, especially during Singapore's warm weather. Admittedly, I tend to reach out for some snacks in the afternoon when I am (stuck) at home during this virus pandemic period.

Instead of having those nastily addictive snacks, why not eat your own homemade jelly? I love how coconut water is so refreshing and also helps to replace those lost electrolytes after perspiration/ strenuous exercise.

Btw, this recipe is very versatile. If you don't have any fruit cocktail at home, you can replace that with fresh fruits or coconut meat. Enjoy!

Coconut Fruit Jelly Recipe
Makes 2 mini jelly bundts

10g konnyaku powder
900g coconut water
50g cocktail syrup (this can be replaced with 50g of coconut water) 


1) Lay.
Lay out the jelly in your mould.

2) Dissolve.
Pour the coconut water and konnyaku powder into the pot. Mix the powder and try to dissolve it as much as possible.

3) Heat.
Turn on the heat. Continue mixing and dissolving the remaining konnyaku lumps. Add the syrup, if desired.

4) Pour.
Pour your mixture into the mould. Cool overnight.

Enjoy it chilled! :)

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