[Review] Overly Cheezy, the Latest Pizza Joint in Singapore

August 09, 2020 3 Comments A+ a-

Like most of us who have been mainly at home in the last few months, I have been ordering quite a bit of food delivery recently. Earlier this week, I was recently given the opportunity to try Overly Cheezy Pizzeria, the latest pizza joint to open in Singapore.

A Haven for Cheese-Lovers
A brainchild of various top chefs from Italy, France, Japan and Singapore, this establishment offers pizzas with - as you can guess from its name - lots of cheesy goodness.

Savour all 5 different cheese flavours oozing from the gruyere (a Swiss cheese), mozeralla, emmental, parmesan orange and cheddar, incorporated in each pizza.

Signature Truffle Pizzas
I tried their signature pizzas, the Trufflicious Wild Mushroom and Trufflicious Hawaiian (2 regulars for S$22, with top-up of S$3 each) and the cheesy white truffle sauce offered each bite with a creamy burst of flavours.

Side Dishes
Along with the pizzas are sides such as the Cheezy Salted Egg Fries (S$7.90), Overly Wings (S$10.90 for 6 pieces) or Garlic Bread (S$3.90).

While my fries and chicken wings arrived warm, I liked how putting them in my airfryer before eating amped up the crispiness a little.

To end the meal on a sweet note, try their Molten Lava Cake (S$8.90), available in Belgian Chocolate or Hokkaido Matcha.

Use a fork and break the cake down the centre, and see the gooey hot chocolate flow out from the centre.

Overall, this new pizza joint gives traditional pizza companies a run for their money. A good alternative especially when the other pizza delivery platforms get really busy. 

No pork and no lard is used in Overly Cheezy's dishes. In this National Day month, let's also #SupportLocal!

Thank you Overly Cheezy for sending these over.

Overly Cheezy Pizzeria

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