[Recipe] No-Sugar Peach Gum Dessert Using Pressure Cooker

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The peach gum dessert is one of my family's most favourite dessert. Costing at just a fraction of the price of bird's nest, peach gum allows collagen to be easily absorbed into the body. This recipe is pleasantly sweet yet also does not require sugar, because I rely on the dried longans and red dates for their natural sweetness.

I recently started using the Ninja Foodi NP300 Multi-Cooker and the pressure cooking function has been a real time-saver, cutting cooking time to just one-third. Below is the Pressure Cooker version of my recipe, but if you would like to prepare this dessert via traditional Boiling, please refer to this recipe instead.

Ingredients from "A Healthier You"

Most of the ingredients in this recipe are available at the local wet market or Chinese medical halls. For convenience, you can also purchase them from A Healthier You, a Singapore-based online health store selling herbs, herbal tea blends, herbal soup packages and floral teas.

In particular, I like how large A Healthier You's wolfberries are. Their peach gums also contain very few black impurities and I really like how this saves me a lot of preparation time and effort (compared to other brands). 

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Recipe: No-Sugar Peach Gum Dessert Using Pressure Cooker

Ingredients (Serves 4)
30g peach gum (桃胶) 
15g lotus seed
45g longan
40g red dates
20g wolfberries/ goji berries
800ml of water
Rock sugar (only if required)


1. Soak peach gum.
Soak the peach gum overnight.

2. Prepare lotus seed.
Soak lotus seeds 30 minutes. Split each into half and remove the black germ in between. 

3. Pressure Cook.
Add the lotus seeds, longan, red dates and water into the pot. Pressure cook on High for 20 minutes. Quick release when it is ready.

4. Remove impurities.
Meanwhile, remove the black impurities from the peach gum.

Tips: Using a toothpick helps me dig out those small black bits easier.

5. Continue boiling.
Add the peach gum. Continue pressure cooking on High for 3 minutes. Wait for natural release.

6. Add the wolfberries.
Add the wolfberries. Stir for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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