Classy Mother's Day Flower and Cake Bundle from Fav Florist

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No lady would reject flowers, no matter how much they say it is a waste of money. This Mother's Day, thank your mum with a beautiful Flower and Cake bundle from Fav Florist!

Preserved Flower Dome

When local florist Fav Florist approached me, I was instantly drawn to their preserved flower domes.

Fresh flowers may be beautiful, but I really dislike the idea of seeing them wither and throwing them out after a few days. If sustainability is important to you and your mum too, these flower domes are a great choice since they last forever. I am sure mum wants to proudly display this to her friends and relatives when they visit.

A special feature of Fav Florist's flower dome is the LED lights in the dome, operated using AAA batteries. They really illuminate the beauty of these flowers when it is turned on at night.

Mystic Red Flower Dome

Featured in this article is one of the signatures in Fav Florist's preserved flower dome collection - Mystic Red.

I really love how classy it looks when the lights are turned on. Importantly, the classic red and green colours mean that this preserved flower dome would be a truly timeless gift.

Cake Bundle

A celebration would be missing something if there is no cake. Fav Florist offers a flower cum cake package, and I think this is really convenient!

The florist pairs up with local cake shop Whyzee, and their locally-inspired flavours are definitely noteworthy of mention - e.g. D24 Durian Chocolate Fudge, Yuzu Osmanthus, Ondeh Ondeh.

MSW Durian Cake

Featured below is Whyzee's premium 9-inch MSW Durian Cake.

A perfect cake for mums love durian, it is made up of 2 thick layers of Mao Shan Wang durian flesh layered between vanilla sponge cakes. While the durian smell is not overwhelmingly strong, I like how I could see real durian flesh used in the cake. Even their frosting is iced with durian.

This cake needs to be stored in the freezer and thawed for 30 minutes before eating. If you like it super cold and a bit icey, it actually tastes like ice cream!

Flowers and Bundles

Fav Florist offers fresh flower bouquets, and bundles with cake and/or balloons are available. The flower and cake bundles start from S$82.90, while the flower and balloon bundles start from S$90.90.

Free delivery is available for all flower bouquets and a 1-hour urgent Express Delivery for urgent requests.

Promo Code

From now till 7 May 2021, enjoy 15% off all products with promo code "MUMSDAY15".

This article is a collaboration with Fav Florist. All views are mine unless otherwise stated.

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