New Gemma Subscription Plan: Enjoy Jewel Coffee from S$29.90 per Month!

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I have always liked Jewel Coffee for their espresso-based drinks. During the pre-COVID days, I would sometimes find myself enjoying the afternoon over their Flat White at their Claymore Connect branch.

When I learnt that Jewel Coffee launched its Gemma Subscription Plan, I was excited to find out how I could bring a part of this homegrown premium coffee brand to my home.

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Overview of Jewel Coffee

Jewel Coffee is a homegrown specialty coffee concept that focuses on producing strong, espresso-based brews. They travel the world to source for the highest quality beans and take pride in skillfully roasting them to coax the maximum flavours for the best brew.

Gemma Subscription Plan

As a quick overview, Jewel Coffee's three subscription plans range from S$29.90 to S$52.90 per month (more details later):

  1. Silver: With 40 capsules monthly,
  2. Gold: With 70 capsules monthly, and
  3. Platinum: With 100 capsules monthly.

5 Reasons for Why You Should Take the Gemma Subscription Plan

Below are five reasons why you should take Jewel Coffee's Gemma subscription plan.

1) Premium Coffee, Any Time

Living with COVID-19 has meant that many of us have made various changes to our lifestyles. Indeed, for me, gone were the days when I would slowly chill out at a cafe. While the safe management guidelines have been relaxed, I still err on the side of caution and quickly get home after finishing my errands.

To meet the demands of today's coffee lovers, Jewel Coffee recently launched the Gemma Subscription Plan to enable everyone to enjoy a cup of espresso-based drink in the comfort of our homes without burning a hole in our pockets.

Having the Gemma machine at home means that I can now still slowly enjoy a premium cup of barista-style coffee, in the comfort of my own home. So convenient; perfect for mid-day perk-me-ups while I am working from home too!

2) Coffee Machine for Keeps!

Included in the subscription plan is a Gemma Nespresso Capsules Coffee Machine at just S$1 per month, which subscribers can keep even after the plan ends.

It retails at around S$168, so if you minus off the cost of the machine to derive just the cost of the coffee capsules, the plan is overall a really good deal!

3) Easy-to-Use and Sleek Gemma Coffee Machine

For me, one of the key pre-requisites of my kitchen gadgets must be that they are easy-to-use and easy-to-clean, and the Gemma Nespresso Capsules Coffee Machine fits the bill. As a simple pop and push machine, all I need to do is to fill up the water tank, turn on the machine, drop in a coffee capsule, press a button (choose between the expresso or lungo) and I can enjoy my cuppa!

Also, the Gemma Machine stands slim at just 9cm (width) x 34cm (length) x 21cm (height) and I like how it takes up just a small countertop space. As the machine is able to produce a cup of coffee without any mess, I may even move it to my bedroom at the workstation area.

4) 8 Varieties of Coffee Capsules to Choose From

Subscribers will receive 4 to 10 boxes of premium (Halal-certified) Jewel Coffee capsules delivered to their home every month, depending on the subscription package they take.

There are currently four single-origins (El Salvador, Sumatra, Brazil and Colombia) and four blends (Bold As Love, Lightning Bolt, Dream Factory and Crystal Ball) for subscribers to choose from. For starters, I recommend the El Salvador at the lowest "7" intensity, while die-hard caffeine addicts could choose the Sumatra or Bold as Love which are both at the highest "12" intensity.

PS: Did you know that Jewel Coffee's capsules are 100% biodegradable & compostable? Let's support Singapore’s green initiative to start household compost bins together!

5) Value-for-Money Subscription at just S$1/ day!

As mentioned earlier, I find the subscription plan really value-for-money. Each 12-month plan comes with a Gemma machine and a supply of capsules at just S$29.90 to S$52.90 per month. This works out to be just S$1 to S$2 per day only. Prepay the 12-month package and get a further 20% off!

Below is the comparison of the three plans (Silver, Gold and Platinum):

Subscribers have the flexibility to change or add new more coffee capsules during the subscription period. 

Promo Code for Readers

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This is perfect if you want to purchase some Otis Oat Milk, extra coffee capsules etc. Jewel Coffee's capsules are compatible with most Nespresso machines, so you can also use this code to purchase some capsules for your friends!

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Concluding Thoughts

If you are a fan of barista coffee and would like to enjoy one at home anytime, do consider Jewel Coffee Gemma Subscription Plan that averages to be just S$29.90 per month. For me, this is way more value-for-money than my coffee deliveries which have racked up quite a bill over time.

To find out more and/or to subscribe, head over to Jewel Coffee's webpage here.

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