[Review] Otis Oat Milk: The Alternative Plant-based Milk

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Think of the words "dairy-free milk" and various examples come to mind - soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk etc.

Rise of Milk Alternatives

There has been a rapid rise of milk alternatives recently, and it is no wonder that this is catching on in Asia - as up to 90% of the Asian population could be lactose intolerant. 

Many of these milk substitutes are nutritious, and suitable for those with dietary restrictions, allergies or intolerance. Personally, I have been trying out soy milk, almond milk and oat milk recently due to nutritional preferences.

Otis Oat Milk
I recently tried Otis Oat Milk, New Zealand’s first homegrown oat milk which uses the finest 100% southern-grown oats harvested by Kiwi farmers, and I like its smooth creamy texture.

Did you know that producing one litre of oat milk requires 11 times less land and 13 times less water than producing one litre of dairy milk? Oat milk is the most environmentally friendly milk in the world too.


Oat milk is derived by extracting whole oat grains with water.

Looking at Otis Oat Milk's ingredients, it consists of oats (10%), water, rapeseed oil,  minerals (calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates), salt and vitamins. 

I like how "clean" it is, with no additives like emulsifiers, artificial flavouring or preservatives.

Three Flavours
Three flavours are available: Everyday, Barista and Chocolate.

The Everyday One
As the name suggests, the Everyday One is a normal use milk. It is light and perfect for smoothies, cooking or drunk by itself. Personally, I have been adding it to my breakfast cereals.

The Barista One
The Barista One was created especially for baristas to deliver a smooth finish and balanced flavour to pair with any roast profile.

Thick and creamy, I particularly like how this oat milk managed to deliver a thick froth when I passed it through a manual frother.

Chocolate Oat Milk
The Otis Choc Oat M!lk is the brand's latest addition, made using 100% New Zealand oats and is the first chocolate milk made using Fairtrade Certified Cocoa.

Created with dairy drinkers in mind, this chocolate plant milk has all the creamy, chocolate-y goodness we expect from chocolate milk - without the dairy.

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(Note: Otis Oat Milk can sit in the cupboard for up to twelve months. Once opened, keep it refrigerated and finish within seven days.)

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