7 Reasons: Why Get BoxGreen Snacks (*with Promo Code!)

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Good things come in small packs. 

We recently had the opportunity to try BoxGreen, a local personalised online business cum social enterprise that offers monthly boxes of wholesome and delicious snacks delivered to homes/ offices. Using premium ingredients such as pecans, pistachios, inca golden berries, white mulberries and airfried crispies like shitake mushroom chips and taro chips, they are great alternatives to unhealthy potato chips and Mars bars if you're reaching for a quick snack in between meals.

For us, it was the first time ordering a snack-box online, so to be honest, we were a little apprehensive. How was it different from buying a pack of nuts mix from NTUC, for example? 

As we tried our first box, our views changed. Read on to see how it can change your view too!

7 Reasons: Why Get BoxGreen Snacks?

1. Nutritious. 

For the health-conscious you and me, we know that exercising is key to good health. But as Singaporeans, we sometimes can't help be tempted by good food - chicken rice, laksa, char kway teow and the list goes on. Hence, the important thing here is to Eat Smart.

How many of us are guilty of finishing a whole pack of sour cream and onion potato chips all in 1 seating while watching TV? 

BoxGreen aims to helps us achieve better control of our diets by offering nutrition-packed snacks of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, mixes and granolas. (Of course if you like some indulgence, feel free to order packs under the "A Hint of Chocolate" or "Chips & Pretzels" categories too.) They promise to be wholesome ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colors. Importantly, the snacks are reviewed by a nutritionist with careful labels and sourced from trusty local suppliers or the US or Europe.

This was our nutritional list, personalised based on our snack choice.
We chose Banana Pecan Crumble, HeartStrong, Peruvian Power-up and Aprecano.
As you can tell, we especially love our nuts!

2. Yummy.

BoxGreen snacks are hand-picked with different premium ingredients in a pack. 

For instance, we especially loved how our Peruvian Power-Up had those special chewy Mulberry Nibs. Not overwhelmingly sweet, they complemented well with the sour Inca Golden Berries and earthy Baked Almonds. The petite Cacao Nibs also offered a deep chocolate flavour to the snack - small but taste-packed. These ingredients are also certainly not found in usual nut packs sold in neighbourhood supermarkets!

3. Value for Money.

We seldom think twice about spending S$5 for a Starbucks drink because we want to look cool holding that cup with a green head. Now let's say we order it 4 times a week, it's S$20 already!

Use that money (S$19.90 to be exact) to get 12 nutritiously yummy snack packs which will last you over 12 days instead. No extra cost for shipping. Isn't that better and more value for money?

Ditch that fattening sugar-laden coffee. Smart snacking is the new cool!

4. Convenient. 

As you would have noticed, these snacks have been specially designed in cute packs of 30g - 40g each, so we do not eat more than we should.

They are small enough to keep in our handbags. Fit well in the car compartment to satisfy the hungry little-ones during those crucial before-meal moments too!

4. Variety.

As we went through the list of at least 20 varieties, we were seriously spoilt for choice. With quirky names like Nutty Knight and Small Island Pineapples and an option to view the full nutritional information when we moused over each variety, we certainly took a while to decide. How to choose only 4 types for our first box? 

We were thankful for the drop-down category lists which really helped us narrow down our choices!

Screenshot of webpage
We love being a smart consumer!
(Note: This is not the complete nutritional list; just a quick snapshot for illustration)

5. Hassle-free ordering.

In essence, ordering can be done in just 3 simple steps. The webpage was easy to navigate and check-out.  

Designed to fit standard HDB mailboxes, our snack box arrived within 2 days - faster than we expected! 

And who secretly loves that moment of opening your online parcel (even though you know exactly what you have ordered)? 

Btw, we simply adored that personalised greeting note too :)

6. Do good. 

For every box delivered, BoxGreen donates a meal through Willing Hearts to help the underprivileged, the needy and other marginalised members in Singapore. Now, why not?

7. Our Promo Code for You!

Quote THEHEDGEHOGKNOWS in the promotion code, and get 30% off on your first box of these awesome snacks. 

Head over to BoxGreen's webpage, scroll through all the yummy snacks and give it a try today! :)

While we were invited by BoxGreen to share our review, the views are purely our own.

If you have tried BoxGreen too, share your photos with us!
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