[Review] Okinawa South & North Gelato

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Love ice cream but want something more flavourful, denser… but healthier? Gelato is your answer. But while most of the gelato options in Singapore currently offer typical flavours like candy floss, chocolate, vanilla etc, you can soon look forward to more exotic yet au naturel flavours - all the way from Japan.

Flown directly from Okinawa, this gelato makes use of Hokkaido and Yamakawa milk (instead of heavy cream), contains less than 5% fat (instead of the usual 15 to 30% fat) and uses far fewer egg yolks. The traditional Okinawan confectionary method is employed to produce this, and only the finest premium ingredients are used - with no artificial essence/ enhancers added of course. And if that doesn't already excite you enough, this is the choice gelato in Tokyo Disneyland & Disneysea and voted the best in Okinawa!

This product will soon be available in Singapore in the next 3 to 6 months, but some of you may already have noticed their pop-up store if you were around Raffles Xchange in the past 2 weeks. I was privileged enough to have a tasting of all the flavours brought in for their recent market trial, and have to say that the flavours were overall pretty special. Loved the Matcha and Salted Milk flavours most of all :)

Here's my review of the flavours:
  • Matcha : I super super loved this. You will know what kind of matcha fan I am if you remember about all the matcha stuff I brought back from Japan last year, and this one certainly hit the right chord. Right now, I always patronise Maccha House at Orchard Central for my matcha ice cream fix, but will really look forward to this brand when it finally opens its first stall. The green tea flavour was really intense and I almost felt like I was drinking really rich green tea - except that it was melt-in-the-mouth! Made using green tea leaves from Shizouka Prefecture, this flavour is for you if you are a great matcha fan and don't mind the mild bitterness.
  • Salted Milk : When I first read the name, I was a little skeptical to be honest. It was like how I felt when I first heard of Salted Caramel. I mean, how would salted ice cream taste like? Nonetheless, I was really drawn to how the mildly salty undertones complemented so well with the richness of the milk. Sea salt is high in minerals, so don't be afraid to try it :)
  • Okinawa Tofu : This was my third favourite. Made from Okinawan tofu, this is extremely high in protein and is the secret behind longevity among the Japanese. If you like the taste of Mr Bean ice cream, this one is for you - except that you are guaranteed of the real stuff from Japan.
  • Black Tea : This flavour tasted a little like bubble milk tea, but with a burst of aroma. I heard that it was made from unique Okinawan tea leaves of Inzatsu Assam variety.
  • Cheese : This is unlike the usual heavy Ben & Jerry's American Cheesecake flavour as it is mild but more refined. If you like light and delicate Japanese cheesecake, this one is for you.
  • Purple Sweet Potato : Real Japanese purple sweet potato is used and blended into a velvety paste before being combined into the gelato. While I wish the flavour was more intense, it definitely offers much goodness within. 
  • Shikuwasa Sorbert : This tasted similar to lime sorbet. If you love fruity and tangy flavours, you will like this. 
  • Meyer Lemon yogurt : Meyer lemon is a natural hybrid of lemon and orange, and this was the only yogurt amongst the flavours they brought in last week. Another of their fruity refreshing flavour!

The Singapore importer is in the midst of finalising the location, so do follow them on Instagram for updates. For me, I can't wait to get my matcha fix from them again! :)

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