[Recipe] Red Bean Soup Dessert using Pressure Cooker

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Red bean soup is a common Cantonese dessert, available at many dessert stalls or restaurants. Red beans, sometimes known as azuki beans, are good for improving heart health and digestion,  balances sugar levels in the body.

Some recipes call for the use of rice or glutinous rice to thicken the dessert, but my mum uses oats. It's definitely a healthier version!

Below is my recipe using the pressure cooker. My mum uses traditional boiling and takes around 1 hours but I take half her time. Either way, both contain the same nutritional benefits! :) 

Recipe: Red Bean Soup Dessert Using Pressure Cooker

Ingredients (Serves 4)
120g red bean
30g dried longan
30g sugar
20g oat
10g lotus seed - optional 
2 dried tangerine - optional 
1 litre water


1. Prepare tangerine peel.
Use a knife to carefully scrape away most of the white pith on the inside of the peel. The while pith is bitter, so we don't want that. :)

2. Prepare lotus seed (if using).
Soak lotus seeds for 30 minutes. Split each into half and remove the black germ in between. 

3. Pressure Cook.
Add the red beans, lotus seeds, tangerine peel and water into the pot. Pressure cook on High for 20 minutes. Quick release when it is ready.

4. Prepare oats.
Meanwhile, add some (boiling) hot water to the oats. Stir and set aside.

5. Add remaining ingredients.
Open Pressure Cooker lid. By now, the red beans would have softened dramatically (see below). Add oats, longan and sugar. 

6. Saute.
Saute on HIGH for 5 to 10 minutes. Stir. 

Enjoy! Serve hot or cold. The dessert will thicken further as it cools. 

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