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Welcome! If you love food, you have landed on the right page. The Hedgehog Knows is a Singapore-based site all about food, covering recipes, food reviews, kitchen gadget reviews, food-related good deals, food travels etc. Proud to be Singapore's only airfryer-centric resource too!

My life changed in 2014 when I got married and bought my airfryer that year. I started this page after perfecting various airfryer recipes and thought it would be great to share these with fellow airfryer users.  

Drawing inspiration from food that I eat and Youtube/ Facebook video recipes, I like to push the boundaries of what the airfryer can do. I am proud to share that so far, I have successfully perfected recipes for traditional baked mooncakes, pineapple tarts, and durian cake, amongst others 

Hence, this page mainly consists of my airfryer and other easy recipes. As much as I can, I also love incorporating healthier ingredients into the recipes too!

Food reviews are a regular feature too. Like most Singaporeans, my husband and I love good food and often spend our dates exploring the best food in Singapore. We count travelling as one of our favourite past times, so do look our for our food travel reviews too. He is a more discerning diner, so together, we hope to offer a more balanced view.

Being a Gen Y, I love my gadgets too. Not a geekie techie, but a kitchen-gadgets kind of techie. I love how they help make life easier, and count the bread maker and noodle maker as one of my most trusted kitchen mates - apart from the airfryer.

Good Deals
Promotional deals are what make eating/ shopping even more shiok (Singapore slang for pleasurable). Follow me as I share good deals, especially 1-for-1s or credit card offers!

So, who's The Hedgehog?
"I am the favourite hedgehog (soft toy) of Janet and her husband, and this page is named after me. Apart from the many food establishments I have visited in Singapore, I have also accompanied them to Europe, Australia and Hanoi. I enjoy sniffing around for good food and following them on their food trips and holidays... so I really know all the good stuff!"

Shoutout To Airfryer Users/ Home Chefs
I know how it feels to be a learner chef, so have included pictorial step-by-step instructions in my recipes to help everyone along. Do look out also for my "Tips" within the recipes, because these are notes from my kitchen experiments. If you are a new airfryer user, you can get started with these articles: 10 Tips for the Airfryer and 5 Easy Airfryer Dishes (And Tips) for The Beginner. 

Shoutout To PR/ Media Professionals
If you want to collaborate with me, click here to find out more or just drop me an email!

What are you waiting for?
Follow us as we share our cooking adventures, food reviews, food travels and great deals. If one day you spot us with our hedgehog, please wave! We will be so excited to say hello to you in person! :)

XOXO, Janet


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I use a 11l europace airfryer. Is it possible to try your bread and cake recipes with my model? Appreciate your reply. Thx

3 January 2017 at 23:00 delete

Hi Deepa, thanks for dropping by! I use a Philips HD9220 airfryer which is pretty small with basket capacity of 0.8kg. You can compare your airfryer's specifications with mine (http://www.philips.com.sg/c-p/HD9220_20/viva-collection-airfryer-with-rapid-air-technology/specifications) and adjust if needed. Cheers!